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A2B Couriers are held to a high standard, and seek to provide the best courier service in the tristate area. To assure that A2B provides the best possible service, we adhere to the motto: Quick. Simple. Secure.

Quick:  We are an expedited courier service that serves the healthcare industry. Because of the fast paced nature of the medical and pharmaceutical fields, it is crucial that we consistently arrive to predetermined pick-up sites on-time and punctually. Stat runs will also be treated with the customer in mind, and will provide the necessary for emergency situations. A2B Couriers takes great pride in our commitment to quick response times and delivering all packages as quickly as possible within the boundaries of the law. 

Simple:  Making the delivery system as simple as possible for our consumers is part of what sets our company apart from the competition. As a driver for A2B, you play an integral role in assuring the delivery process is as simple as possible. You accomplish this with on time pickups, delivery confirmations, and maintaining a high level of communication with A2B dispatchers.

Secure:  In the medical and pharmaceutical fields, security is of utmost importance. A2B Couriers will be trained in, and abide by all HIPAA regulations. We don’t open packages, look at patients names, or discuss ANY patient information. Violation of HIPAA will result in suspension, termination, and possible legal action. All deliveries have great value to the sender and receiver of the items being transported. Because of this, drivers must use caution and obey all the traffic laws. We will treat each package as if it were ours. Also, every driver is important to our company and we value their safety immensely.

A2B Couriers belief is that being the best is the only way to succeed in business and in life. Therefore we hold our company, and subcontracted drivers, to a higher standard of customer service and work ethic. We believe that each driver is a direct representation of A2B Couriers, and they are the driving force to our overall success.    

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